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tv   [untitled]    January 3, 2012 6:01pm-6:31pm PST

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there hospital project is expected to attract new households to san francisco, and most of them will be working class and low-income to moderate income families. so what will happen to our housing stock in the tenderloin? these people will be competing for finding affordable housing in our community. so cpmc should address the concerns of the community. we are also demanding for more jobs for our community. jobs back -- jobs that cpmc is proposing is minuscule compared to what they are projecting in this project. lastly, i would like to appeal
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to the members from the mayor's office to please consider the poor people in our community, and one, i know his heart is for the community. millionaires, their executives, but the poor people of our community will still be poor. we serve the port. thank you. -- poor. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is matt. sitting here, listening to those outlining regarding the construction project, there are a lot of things that jump out as being a little bit disturbing. the fact that they want to downsize the hospital that is exceeding its charity care requirements, while expanding
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hospitals that are not, it does not seem to be a very good maneuver for a non-profit. it actually seems to be a maneuver of a for-profit industry, especially considering that they make over $1 billion. i also want to say that your assumption that medi-cal, requiring people to buy health care, that is a very weak assumption, that people are going to go out and actually buy health care. there is a lot wrong with this whole deal. i think it would be wise for the board of supervisors to demand much, much higher requirements of cpmc with the upcoming construction project. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors.
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my name is -- and i am here this evening on behalf of connor house. for over 50 years, but conner house has been providing resources to help san franciscans manage serious mental illness. from a residential program to job placement assistance, our mission is to have them find healthy pathways and promote long-term healthy living through supported health management. i am here this evening to support the plan of being cpmc plan with the rebuild of st. luke's hospital as well as the renovation of the campus. we support them taking on the project and will upgrade the city's health care to make sure san francisco residents will receive state of the art care. a sister to sister program. they have helped us provide breast health outreach and
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comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for our clients, free of charge. it is our firm belief that preventive care is essential for health and that all patients deserve excellent health care regardless of their income or background. the proposed hospital at van ness and geary and at st. luke 's will be good. an integrated system of winning the highest quality patient care. the project will also create jobs and provide benefits that will be felt in not only nearby neighborhoods but the rock the city. connor house is proud to support the rebuilding and urge you to move forward with this project without further delay. thank you.
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supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i have been a nurse for many years and add -- at cpmc, a resident of district 8. i am one of many concerned nurses that come before you today. working in a community without a union representation is a situation i anticipate with much anxiety. however, no matter what, i will protect my patients and do whatever i need to do to keep my patients safe and with therapeutic care. i advocate for time to be able to teach my patients. i can do what is best because i have the support of my co- workers and the protection, the union contract. highchair a professional performance committee that is mandated by our contract, that is only concerned with issues of patient safety.
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with management and concerns of onstage staffing. i have the support of my fellow nurses. i conform in the best interests of my patients. i have been told to call my patients customers by a member of the human resources department. to me, my patients are people. they come to cpmc for greg, safe nursing care. commodities. my heart is to protect, care, and advocate for my patients. supervisors, do not forbid the nurses when you may your decision for the new hospital. build it right with protection for the nurses and protection for all of our patients. please do not forget the community benefit agreement. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you.
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next speaker, please. >> the meeting, board of supervisors. i am here speaking on behalf of a doctor. so i will read for you. he says my name is dr. john -- and i am speaking on behalf of the organizing committee and particularly those of us who work in psychiatry at s.f. general hospital. i am at a unit where i have been a psychiatrist for 30 years. i also pass on the analysis regarding the services for which sedar should be held accountable, as i am more free to speak and the employees of sedar health. -- sutter health. our job is to stabilize them and transfer them to a corporate facilities for follow-up. those facilities are rapidly being eliminated, meeting our patients can and a back in the streets. -- can end up back on the
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streets. with the st. luke's rebuilt, in regards to the community outreach, the comments of our doctors were literally written out of the minutes. they cannot solve the city's mental health issues and then ask for permission to effectively eliminate all of their sites -- psych beds. they are talking about where it -- keeping some at one campus but not say for how long. i will skip the most important parts since i heard the bell. cpmc pays no property tax on any of their buildings and yet make over $140 million per year in profit from their asset operations. it is our position that their plan is not adequate for the mental health of our city, and
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the board of supervisors must have them proceed until such time when they provide their lawful share of services with psychiatry at the top. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, board of supervisors. my name is -- and i am a member of district 5 and also here representing a physician's organizing committee. i have worked as a psychologist for 15 plus years, and we have witnessed the impact of the cuts to the department of public health, and many have closed in the last year. the effects of these mental health service cuts have been devastating.
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there is just less and less available. and the programs that used to be available are not there anymore. echoing what supervisor campos and others said, in the environment of budget cuts, it is essential that private nonprofit hospitals fulfill their charity commitment. talking about maximizing revenues. it is disconnected from the medical hospital, which limits what they can do, and we will end up with more of the med spych pat -- med psych patients, so we do not agree with the plan to have only 80
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beds, and we also advocate for the increased psych bed at st. luke's because the capacity keeps going down. there is an aging population with these medi-cal people coming in. they have more mental health problems, so we will need these mental health services. thank you very much for your time and attention. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. i am a volunteer with p.o.c. i am here instead of dr. eugene and am reading his letter. my name is dr. eugene, and i am a retired physician who served this community for over 35 years, and i am a member of p.o.c. i referred many patients to st.
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luke's when it had a full complement of services and was licensed for 28 beds. there are the residents who live in the south of market area. this should be rejected. st. luke's has been significantly dismantled over the past years to the point where cpmc's plan is a mere 80 beds. there are no few -- fewer people living south of market and years ago. they still suffer from heart attacks, strokes, drug overdoses, and the likes. this hospital cares for occupations with a high incidence of birth-related injuries, cooks, landscapers, truck drivers, warehouse workers. the workmen's contract was closed. bayview hunters point alone accounts for more children than any other is a good, and the
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mission and the excelsior district also includes a significant number of children, and those services are being cut -- more children than any others. we need to -- supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is bestseller. i am a manager research san francisco residents with low to
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middle income -- my name is nsl -- estelle. i am a labor partner and i strongly support their plans to build earthquakes and hospitals. we hope all the legal issues are mitigated in regards to this project and strongly support our job-seekers and employers moving forward. and under this project, one company invested time and personnel to help us revamp an update our training program. and they helped us with the lessons covering the big picture and the sequence of work for 13 weeks of instruction, and they did this simply because we asked
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for their help. however, we also provided 13 industry experts to facilitate the lessons throughout the semester. with their help, they a provided much care and thought, and they really a put their hearts and souls into the lesson and strengthened the opportunity for clients to become more competitive in the field. and some were recruited and hired before time ended. every aspect of building the project. most importantly, it would put our residents to work. that is the main thing. we need jobs, and we want you to really think about that and help us help place our residents. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors, and
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thank you, supervisor mirkarimi. i hope your new job give you better working hours. i wanted to address my comments to supervisor wiener, supervisor kim, and supervisor mar, who have all raised questions about affordability. there were different levels of income that were being served, and so i have our 2009 housing development goals, which sets out what we should be building as we move forward for very low- income, we should be building 21%, for low-income 17%, for median income 22%. to meet the projected growth of jobs generally for the city, and this is jobs, not cpmc, but about 60% of what gets built should be from very low to moderate income.
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we have what malcolm young report to -- referred to, and undermine law under which this is being proposed. -- referred to, an underlying law. we should have about 660 units being produced that are very low, low, and moderate income units. we could look actually at what cpmc's dir said would be the net household. -- cpmc's eir said. instead, what we are presented with today in the development agreement proposal is 190 units, barely one-quarter of what the net new need being created by this project is. and i just want to remind folks
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of the policy of the board of supervisors -- supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. i did not think it would be this late. anyway, i am robin lopez. i work with community relations development with two programs including a construction and training program. these two programs are in addition to the city built program which we have there. some of my clients to get them jobs, we work with removing barriers and getting people employment. back in 2010, they offered us
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paid internships, something we had not seen from hewlett- packard, who originally funded the program. putting people back to work. people indirectly would not think they would have an opportunity but permission hiring will have an opportunity to our programs and jobs. moving forward, giving an opportunity to some of these people, let's not delay the process, and hopefully it will get through. and the essence of what i want to say is i just want to help people get back to work again, all kinds of people. have a good night.
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thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> the programs that are before you. i a been a resident and a businesswoman in san francisco for over 40 years. presently, i am president of the national coalition of black women. our organization has set a partnership with cpmc for years, and we had joined them in their continued fight against breast cancer with their hope -- their program. a and they have continued to receive no cost screening and no cost treatment for breast cancer -- and they have continued.
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cpmc is the sponsor of our annual luncheon. in 2012, are major and gender -- our major agenda is for better health access. it is the strong hope of our community that this board will vote in favor of this cpmc rebuild. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: next speaker, please. >> good evening. 10:30. my name is -- i am a staff nurse. i have been giving care to the underserved for 26 years. i am an emergency department nurse.
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benefits refused to non will be limited only by its means. and i am concerned that this is jeopardized by the master plan and their charity care speaks for itself, and they currently state that they have a lifetime of giving so limited to the 20- year plan that they are currently proposing to keep st. luke's open, why does giving stock at 20 years? i am really understanding that. a blue-ribbon panel was established to keep a viable plan for st. luke's, but concerns still continue.
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80 beds does not reflect viability, also with the same train of thought, with a lifetime of giving. in short and in the spirit of getting us out before midnight, i will say this. i will continue to honor the original mission statement, and it is my hope and expectation cpmc does the same without an escape clause and that they adhere to the community benefit agreement. thank you. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is aileen, and i have been a registered nurse for 34 years at the cpmc campus, the former children's hospital, where we had been represented by cna for years. it is unconscionable that city
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officials would permit them to close the california campus and open a new hospital across town without any guarantee of our jobs or transfer rights to the facility. and when walmart tries this, people are pretty outraged, and to allow this to happen here in san francisco, long considered a uniontown, would be an alarming precedent to set. for many may not be aware, when they were first formed as a corporation, the administration immediately with the recognition of cna at the california campus, but after many years and attorneys' fees, the court forced them to recognize cna the collective bargaining unit for nurses. there have been several strikes over the years by nurses and other health-care workers, and in fact, our contract expired
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4.5 years ago, but we have been unable to reach an agreement. the nurses on the bargaining team were told by an attorney that it was ideological and not financial and that the ceo at the time, a doctor, said at an employee reform -- at an employee forum, that he supervised. i urge you to insist on a community benefit agreement as advocated, which has mechanisms to keep sutter accountable and helps ultimately our patients. thank you. >> i am michael, and i am talking about a proposal which has been made by the older women's league, which i am a member of. cpmc's proposals to build a giant new hospital on cathedral hill has dangerous implications
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for decades for the survival of st. luke's, for the housing in the tenderloin area, for unionized nurses, for long-term care, for charity care, and most of all, for poor, minority access to health care. we have seen with the nurses initiations and others that cpmc and sutter cannot be trusted. all of this talk about making absolutely sure that these things will never happen, it really reminds me of a discussion that was going on back in 2005 with ammiano, saying, "we will never let this happen again." this is to assure that it will meet the true needs of san francisco, and that means all of san francisco.
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and if this master plan exists, why are we going to let the most, the biggest, the most profitable medical corp. be exempt for their biggest project? once this thing is built, there is not going to be construction for quite awhile. you're talking about the next many years. you have the power to be able to delay this whole project until the city-wide master plan comes in. do it. president chiu: next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is martha. i am the director of senior services. the mission neighborhood centers serve very low-income children, young people, and seniors in san francisco. i am here tonight in support of
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these projects, as i believe it will create jobs, stimulate the economy, and maintain and better the quality of health care for san francisco's, -- for san franciscans. i have worked for over 25 years and have had the opportunity to be part of the community partnership with sutter. i have seen their work and dedication and the passion they have for the community. as part of this partnership, st. luke's has provided many presentations for our clients and many of our activities. we have collaborated with them at many health fairs. many of the clients have benefited from their charitable programs. they were a strong supporter when they opened our child care facility in the bayview district. i grew up in san francisco, and as far as i can remember, st.
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luke's has always been the backyard harsco. -- hospital. i am happy to have an earthquake safe building like this in our backyard. this is though this project can be done immediately. thank you. good night. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is -- i am a project engineer. the general contractor that was hired. i am a graduate of the training program. i am for 30 years in san francisco resident. i have a degree in


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